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Empowers communities in Africa to thrive.

Join a movement of active citizens helping people and communities learn to live together


Experience a life changing cultural journey to Africa.

Volunteering Opportunity

Volunteers to teach all subjects and create arts and athletic programs at Helping Hands School 

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Your donation will help to transform the lives of thousand Tanzanian’s families and individuals
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Become a Partner HHDC Volunteers is always looking for new community partners to work with.
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Helping Hands Development Center!

“HHDC envisions a Tanzania that provides its children with safety, education and hope for a better tomorrow.” – Co-Founder Nelson Chami

Imagine a place where education is free and accessible to all children. A place where kids not only love going to school, but somewhere that children feel safe, confident, and optimistic for the opportunities open to them because of their talents, their knowledge, and their development.


Recent HHDC Programs

Education in Tanzania
Children Education

Engage with children and their families in a unique way to ensure students receive a unique and individualised approach to their education.

Volunteering Tanzania
Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for Volunteering in TanzaniaVolunteers to teach all subjects and create arts and athletic programs at Helping Hands School

sponsor kid
Kids Sponsorship
Child sponsor programs in Tanzania focus on working with orphaned and abandoned children, promoting engagement in education
Homeless House Building
Every human life matters. Therefore, we need to make this world a better place to live in, especially for our underprivileged counterparts, particularly those in Tanzania
vacation centre
Vocational Training

Technical, vocational education, and training has remained an explosive topic because it can create a divided society in terms of education and the benefits associated with it. 

Women and Yout Support
Due to shortage of rains in larger part of the country, Helping Hands was struggling to support women and youth to meet her family’s needs

Join Our Team

Be a part of our mission by volunteering in Tanzania or joining our internship programs​​.

Progressive Stories

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.

― Nelson Mandela,
Oscar Gobin
Former HHDC Student

It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of  HHDC where I can grow.

Jesca Gobin
Jesca Gobin
Former HHDC Student

My experience at HHDC is great and memorable. The teachers and mentors are really helpful and helped me