Solar Light Support

Helping hands realised many poor families were struggling to buy kerosene and candles. Moreover, candlelight and local kerosene lamp its light is not user friendly to school children and it causes chest diseases because of the smoke the is produced. Helping hands though the executive director Nelson Chami Community Engagement specialist and social worker Mary Kimambo researched on the better and affordable source of light and he realised Solar lighting saves ill save family money because buying the kerosene uses about 15% of household income, whereas a solar lamp — bought the for as little as $10 dollars — produces light for more than five years., Helping Hands started to sort out friends and partners philanthropies and donors to support buying solar lights and distribute to poor families in Kilimanjaro and Arusha villages..

In most rural schools in Villages in Tanzania, due to the lack of electricity it is not possible to give classes after sunset (around 18:00). It is even harder for the children to do their homework after school hours. This not only reduces the learning opportunities for children who need to help their parents in the field during the day. It also makes evening classes for adults impossible.
On the other hand, we can find in many schools very dedicated teachers holding down their job with much zeal and often under difficult conditions. And they encounter highly motivated students. Unlike in many schools in the city, children in rural areas of developing countries are highly motivated. They know that education is the most important basis in order to even have a chance at a good future.

Inspired by the Solar Energy, we are bundling our experience from previous individual projects into one approach for the first time. HHDC is striving to reach out our poor school children in areas of: Light, nutrition and education.

A significant improvement in education performance has been realized in families which were supported by solar lights. Cases of fire accidents which were caused by candles mismanagement by school children have been minimized to a greater extent. Cases of chest problems also have been minimised

Generally, the introduction of solar lights has a very positive impact in villages in Arusha and Kilimanjaro hence calling upon hands of support from good Samaritans, individual philanthropies, donor organization to give a hand of support by donating 8.5 UDS to buy one solar light for one family