Our School

As mentioned prior, we would like to have a school that is equipped to support and provides low-cost to free education for students within the village and are trying to expand on the programs that we offer our students to broaden their view of the world and education. We would like our students to soon have access to athletic instruction and music education in addition to their core studies.  

However, in order to realize our vision, we are in need of volunteers to instruct our students in extracurricular as well as strengthening their core subjects such as English. In addition, we need our students to have a learning environment that is safe and welcoming and are therefore reaching out to donors and sponsors to facilitate the construction of a new room for the older students, an extra bathroom, and essential roofing to allow the students to continue learning even during the rainy season. Also, prior to providing more students with the option to attend our school, we will soon need to acquire a larger form of transportation as currently, our van’s capacity has almost been reached.

Much hard work has been invested in our project and we are excited to have more volunteers on our site. Our students love meeting new people and here at Helping Hands, we build lifelong friendships and our volunteers may leave, but their handprint will leave a permanent handprint on all of our hearts.


  • Engage with our children and their families in a unique way to ensure students receive a unique and individualized approach to their education.
  • Introduce new ideas to our children.
  • Acquire volunteers with a variety of experiences and perspectives who can share their story and their ideas to potentially perpetuate the development of the program.
  • Provide children with a better understanding of different global and cultural activities.
  • Build lifelong relationships and bring smiles to the kids in our communities.
  • Help children to progress in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to through traditional means.
  • Create a style of learning that encompasses both East African and other global influences.
  • To educate volunteers on qualities that make our children extremely diverse and unique.
  • To facilitate a safe learning environment that provides students with the skills they need to excel into adulthood.